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Application Deadline is pleased to offer our next Group Lesson livestream featuring world-renowned composer RICHARD DEROSA on Saturday January 15th, 2022 at 1:00PM Eastern! All are welcome to apply. Any style of music, instrumentation, and in-progress works are all encouraged. Live recordings preferred, but MIDI renderings will be accepted. Submissions must be original compositions. All applicants will be invited to view the livestreamed group lesson.

Three (3) applicants will be selected & invited to participate in the Group Lesson. Each participant will interact live with Richard and receive feedback on their submitted work. Participants will be sent a copy of the video of their lesson portion for archival purposes. The ~60 minute event will be livestreamed to the JazzComposersPresent community and archived for ~60 days.

Submission Deadline:

Required Submittals:

  • 1 application form

  • 1 score PDF (original composition)

  • 1 MP3 (10min max)

  • 1 headshot

  • 1 bio PDF (100 word max)

  • Application Fee (non-members only)


  • Premier & Livestream Tier Subscribers: Free!

  • Non-Members: $15 USD
    • Visit our MEMBERSHIP page to become a Premier or Livestream Tier subscriber!


  • Selected Applicants: $35 USD

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