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2024.9.29 Rachel Eckroth Listening Session

Rachel Eckroth


September 29, 2024

Event Type

Listening Session


Event Type Description

Listening Sessions feature a Presenting Artist sharing clips of music they love that has interesting compositional elements. Alongside a host, the Presenting Artist explores audio excerpts and topics of interest contained within.


About the Presenting Artists(s)

Rachel Eckroth can lead with a bold vision or accompany w/ the subtlety necessary to make another musician shine. Her mix of jazz experimentation and pop feeling form the engine behind her own work as a leader/co-leader on nearly 20 albums. That same crossover talent is why she's been featured on voice and keyboards with Rufus Wainwright, St. Vincent, and Donny McCaslin. Eckroth has been a busy recording artist throughout her career, and the pace has only increased in recent years. Her work as a composer/arranger began in Las Vegas, arranging for horns strings with local bands. In 2002, she joined the BMI Jazz Composer’s workshop in NYC led by Jim McNeely. Upon earning a Master’s from Rutgers University, Rachel has traveled the world as an artist involved with other Universities, and writing and/or arranging with Tia Fuller, Donny McCaslin, Hues and more. Her latest album, The Garden, complete with a Grammy nom in 2021, features 8 tracks written by Eckroth.

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