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2024.6.9 Frank Carlberg Listening Session

Frank Carlberg


June 9, 2024

Event Type

Listening Session

Andrew Rathbun

Event Type Description

Listening Sessions feature a Presenting Artist sharing clips of music they love that has interesting compositional elements. Alongside a host, the Presenting Artist explores audio excerpts and topics of interest contained within.


About the Presenting Artists(s)

Originally a native of Helsinki, Finland, pianist & composer Frank Carlberg has carved himself a niche in the New York jazz community. As a leader, his groups include the Frank Carlberg’s Word Circus (performing settings of a wide variety of texts by contemporary poets), the Tivoli Trio and the Frank Carlberg Large Ensemble. Carlberg has been commissioned to write music for big bands, small ensembles, symphony orchestras as well as modern dance companies. He has composed nearly 200 settings to a wide range of texts and poetry. In addition to his playing and composing activities Carlberg also serves on the faculty at New England Conservatory. Carlberg has released over 20 albums as a leader. He was a founding member of the Douglass Street Music Collective and runs the Red Piano Records label. He runs 20 Questions, an interview blog. His latest release is Frank Carlberg Large Ensemble - Elegy For Thelonious on the Sunnyside Records label.

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